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September 9, 2015
Do you know anyone who tolerates not feeling great?
Woman Not Feeling Great

I am passionate about people feeling their best.

I had a fascinating discussion this week with one of my patients about why men and women tolerate not feeling well.

He suggested that for women, getting health issues checked out is part of health maintenance, while for men it seems like “repair” which can feel threatening. I shared with him that women are often just as bad about putting off getting a health issue checked out, more because we just put ourselves that low on our own to-do lists.

This week I want to let you know how to share this blog with anyone you know who is tolerating not feeling their best:

On my web site women can take my “Hormone Quiz” and anyone can sign up for my newsletter.

Please share far and wide – there are some really exciting programs and informative articles to come!

Last week’s blog was “Are You in the Stock Market Phase?” I talked about the roller-coaster ride that is the time leading up to going into menopause (the few years before menstrual periods actually stop). You can read it here.

To your health!

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