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October 13, 2016
Empower Yourself With These Tips Right Now!
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Comment at the end and let me know which of these tips is your favorite!

1. It is NOT SELFISH to take care of YOURSELF!
If you like to give with all your heart and to help others, understand that actually, it is selfish NOT to take care of yourself TOO. As it is said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” When you take care of yourself, you project it out and you can help others much more TOO.


2. Kids model their parents.
They look at how you act rather than listen to what you tell them to do. When my sons see me look out for myself, eating right and getting enough sleep and going to the gym or out for a walk, I know I am teaching them what to encourage and support the future women in their lives to do.

3. Work to remove your limiting beliefs about yourself.
When you remove your limiting beliefs about yourself, break through blockages, overcome fear, and get rid of inner conflict, you are liberated and finally can fulfill your potential.

4. Find your inner spark.
Removing limiting beliefs and achieving Self awareness allow you to see deep into your soul, find your inner spark and light the world with it. You begin to align with your true self and gain a real sense of freedom and congruency.

5. Ask yourself empowering questions.
Ask yourself questions that uplift you and take you forward rather than questions that dis-empower you.

Here is a classic dis-empowering question: Why does it always happen to me? versus empowering question: How can I solve this problem/issue? What am I learning here?

6. Stop saying “BUT”, start saying “AND.”

Examples: I want to but I can’t. I want to study but I can’t afford it. I want to exercise but I don’t have time.

Instead of saying, I want to study BUT I take care of my kids, say something like: I take care of my kids AND I study.

***This one is very powerful! Try practicing this little word swap; even if it sounds wrong to you at first (since you KNOW your reasons are very REAL!), you will still probably notice feeling more empowered.

Let me know below which tip is your favorite!

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