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September 24, 2016
Being Grateful When we Look in the Mirror
Grateful Woman Smiling in the Mirror

I couldn’t wait to introduce you to my friend Naomi Bareket, an NLP expert and Coach. (More coming on what NLP is future emails :)). By way of introduction, here is a short excerpt from her book, The Deep See. Check out her beautiful words AFTER looking at the picture featured on the cover of her book:

Have Gratitude

As we imagined ourselves looking at the mirror like the cat does, I realized the importance of feeling gratitude for who we are or whatever we are experiencing. Therefore, I continually tell the attendees in my workshops, “When you look at yourself in the mirror, see the things that make you special. Be thankful for the qualities you have that make you YOU. See what is good about you, and be grateful for what you have for your ability to become even better.” As Ben Zoma states in the Talmud, “Who is rich? The one who is happy with what he has.”

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