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April 7, 2017
A Hormone Expert’s Exercise Guidelines
Woman Following Exercise Guidelines

Dr. Liz’s Exercise Guidelines

I am often asked, “Dr. Liz, what kind of exercise should I do?” There is no single answer to this question!

SO, I present to you my guidelines for a successful exercise program, whether it is for weight loss, weight maintenance, or general health and fitness.

I recommend that your exercise:

1. be something you enjoy

forcing yourself through a workout you do not enjoy is a recipe for injury, and anyway, life is too short to be spending time doing something you hate!

In my case, it took me a while (and an injury) to realize that I am no longer much of a runner.

2. have variety – alternate days of weights, yoga, aerobics or dance

I do a circuit training class on Tuesdays, which includes short bursts of weights, push-ups, stepping, and use of many types of gym props.

Then on Fridays, I like a Zumba class where I move my muscles in all directions while we dance around and have fun.

In between, I walk, swim, and try my best to make it to tango classes.

3. be a priority

Elevate moving your body to the priority level you give other activities that take up your time.

People who exercise regularly have exactly as many hours in their day, week, month and year as you do. I know you are super busy; I am too.  But…

“S/he who does not make time for exercise, will have to make time for illness.”

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