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From Dr. Liz Herself

March 11, 2020
Stay Safe From Coronavirus
woman wearing face mask safe from coronavirus

I recorded this short video to share some thoughts to try to temper the fear that is building up around Covid-19. I am also concerned, but I’m aware of how much we can do to keep ourselves healthy and safe, even in the face of this challenge.

Also, even though many doctors do not acknowledge the science supporting supplements to support your health, there is plenty of data to support several ingredients, including everything in Viracid, in addition to doubling up on your Vitamin D. Also, I take extra Vitamin C if I have any cold symptoms at all.

There is no time like the present to get your hormones balanced to support your immune system. Lower hormone levels as life goes on is among the reasons that older people are at greater risk, both from the regular flu and the coronavirus.

For your convenience, our office has always been set up for virtual visits, so if you’ve been waiting to consult with me, now is the time. Let us know how we can support and serve you – or your family and friends – to help you feel your best so you can do your best. The world needs you.

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