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April 28, 2022
The Upside of Stubbornness
Stubborn woman

The Upside of Stubbornness

Taurus – the sign of the bull

My older son is a Taurus – the sign of the bull, known – among many other traits – for being stubborn.

Anthony with Dr. Liz

While “stubborn” often has negative connotations, it can have many upsides, such as perseverance, the ability to hold your boundaries, and tenacity regarding your dreams.

The definition of “perseverance”

The definition of “perseverance” includes “continued effort despite obstacles,” while “stubborn” includes “dogged determination.” Have you ever watched a toddler learn to walk? They fall down, then get right back up and try again. They don’t beat themselves up and say to themselves, “What a failure I am – I can’t even walk!” This kind of perseverance – that is built in to the human spirit – is the same as “dogged determination.”

Why Men Love Bitches?

It took me a while to take the book “Why Men Love Bitches” off my shelf and crack it open, because the title was so jarring. What I discovered is that by “bitches,” the authors refer to women who hold their boundaries. I sometimes have a negative initial impression of a woman who walks the walk of “’NO’ is a complete sentence.” She holds her boundaries despite pressure to do otherwise. Both women and men who stick to their boundaries inspire respect.

What is Tenacity?Anthony Lyster with Dr. Liz on New Years Eve 2022

“Tenacity” is “the quality or fact of being very determined.” If you are going to upgrade your habits and your life to make your dreams come true, you are going to have to exhibit tenacity. The root of this word is from the Latin “tenax” meaning to “hold fast.” When you hold fast to a vision, your brain will become your ally in making choices that support that vision.

Embrace the upside of being stubborn

While I am not very hung up on astrology, it is fun to see how often people do have many traits that match their zodiac sign. This May, whether you are a Taurus or not, embrace the upside of being stubborn – persevere, hold your boundaries, and go for turning your dreams into reality.

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