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January 19, 2021
“Upgrade” is my “Word of the Year”. What’s yours?!?


What a year already!

Life circumstances aside, have you picked your “word of the year”?

Choosing one word (maybe two) helps you chart a course to navigate for the year, despite what is happening in this wild world of ours right now.

My word for 2021 is “UPGRADE”

and I am starting with this e-newsletter, that I started in 2010.

In the last decade I have either been off and on with writing a blog, or often only reaching out when something special is happening, like a sale or a fun event.

So what will *this* upgrade look like, and what else am I upgrading?

  1. eNewsletter – every Friday I will send you a “Friday Flash” with:
    • a short article or blog from me
    •  “Doctor’s Corner” – something personal from me
    •  “Supplement of the Month” 10% off!
    •  “Hot Hormone Tip of the Week”
    •  Upcoming Events
  1. Our office space – I have rearranged my office to allow more space in a “Procedure Room” for blood draws and hormone pellet insertions. We also now have more space in a dedicated Consultation Room. I’ll give you a virtual tour soon!
  2. My staff – after a challenging 2020 with getting a solid team in place for Dr. Liz MD, we are going through a rigorous and already successful process of getting a great team in place to support you, whether you are one of our patients or a beloved reader of this newsletter.
  3. My workouts! I always practice what I preach, and as I get older, instead of fondly remembering my younger days of working out more intensely, it is time for me to up my game. This past year, I started doing daily yoga for at least 10 minutes, and I found some awesome women to do live online workouts with. More on this later also!

How about you? Have you chosen a “word of the year” for yourself? If you have, please share it here!

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