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May 26, 2020
Why join our PRIVATE Facebook Detox group?
Healthy women facebook detox group

Had some fun doing a recording of me making a shake!

This will be you very soon!

We are more than 30 people starting the 7 Day Detox this Saturday May 30th!!


I’m trying something new this program (my 4th time doing this program).

Being in a Private Facebook group will make it easy to post questions and comments and support each other.

It will also make it super easy for you to be on our daily 4:00 pm PST support calls.

I will set up the recurring calls, which will start on Saturday May 30th on Zoom, and you can either join live on Zoom or watch the reply later in our Facebook group.

If you are not on Facebook – or have any questions about joining our Detox with Dr. Liz FB group – please email us here.

To be clear, this group is 

  • PRIVATE – only members of the group can see what is posted, and
  • HIDDEN – once everyone joins the group, I will make it “Hidden” (right now it is “Visible” so you can click the link and join)

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