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Normal Hormone Level Range

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Health Information

Is your doctor telling you your hormones are “normal” but you still:

  • Feel tired or unmotived?
  • Experience sexual dysfunction
  • Notice weight gain or muscle loss?

Your doctor might or might not be willing to check your testosterone level. Even if you get it checked, you might be told you are in the “normal” range.

The “normal” range for testosterone in men is usually between 250 and 1,000. I have seen so many men with level in the 300s who are told they are “normal” but they don’t feel good!

With Dr. Liz you have options.

Dr. Liz Offers More

Your Consultation Options

Office Consultation

Discuss your situtation in person, directly with your doctor.

Our Process

  • Detailed Health History Questionnaire Review to check out how your body and brain are feeling and performing
  • 30 minute Phone Consultation to discuss treatment approaches and options
  • Ordering blood testing to really see where you are at
  • In-Office Extended Consultation to review test results and get your treatment started

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Virtual Consultation

Dr. Lizz offers a simple, yet effecient way to connect online.

Our Process

  • Fill in a detailed Health History Questionnaire
  • Dr. Liz reviews the Questionnaire, and orders thorough blood testing
  • 30 Minute Phone Consultation with Dr. Liz with Lab Result Review

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Feeling Tired, Unmotivated,
or Gaining Weight?

Your hormones might be out of balance. Let’s find out where your hormones are at and get you back into balance.