Want to be a Holiday Sugar-Buster?!?

Woman with Continuous Glucose MonitorGet your own continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and keep control over all those sugary temptations over the holidays!

When I face a challenge, I love company ūüėä

I created this challenge so we can keep each other company and EFFECTIVELY handle the temptations coming up over the next few weeks.

I used a CGM last month, and let me tell you: when I knew I was going to see the blood sugar level after eating something, it really supported me in making the healthier choice!

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group ‚ÄúHoliday Sugar-Busters Challenge‚ÄĚStarting on¬†Friday, December 16th,¬†meeting once a week through¬†Friday, January 13th on Zoom, and streamed live!¬†(No problem if you cannot join us live – all videos will be posted in our¬†Private Facebook Group ‚ÄúHoliday Sugar-Busters Challenge‚ÄĚ)

If you are not a current patient, but we have met before, it will be exciting to re-connect!

And if we have not met before, it will be just as exciting to meet as part of this fun challenge!

  • Your special price for being a member of this challenge is 50% less than the cost of an initial private 30-minute consultation with me, Dr. Liz. Click Here to get started!
    • Your cost for the¬†Continuous Glucose Monitor¬†will be determined by your insurance. We will help you get the best deal possible!
  • Instead of only 30 minutes, we will get to hang out together and support each other for 4 weeks over the holidays!
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[If you are a current patient of Dr. Liz, please email us to be added to the group at no charge (your only cost will be the Continuous Glucose Monitor, which will vary according to your insurance).]

Read about my recent experience using the CGM by Clicking here

To sign up for this challenge, Click here


  • You will receive a quick 5-question form to fill in with your most basic medical information (including the pharmacy information we will need to send in your prescription for the¬†Continuous Glucose Monitor)
  • You‚Äôll be invited to join our Private Facebook Group designed specifically for this challenge

What will happen in the Private Facebook Group?

Live videos, including:

  • First, you‚Äôll see me put on my own CGM sensor! (What is the sensor? Read here)
  • Each week, I‚Äôll do a live session to answer any questions put in the Private Facebook Group (you‚Äôll be invited to the group once you register)
  • I will share how it‚Äôs going over the holidays
  • How to use the monitor

Ongoing Questions & Answers on anything related to continuous glucose monitoring